Friday, 30 December 2011

Here comes the rain. Again.

The rains have returned.  Since our big move 'down south' to this (supposed!) sunny spot at the top of the 'Mainland' we have experienced incredibly wet weather.  The floods of just two weeks ago have returned with a vengeance.  We know it's severe when we can look across the valley and spot 'our' little waterfall.  It didn't let us down today. 
So we have spent the entire day inside.  We have battened down the hatches and crafted, eaten Christmas chocolates, built dragons of lego and watched movies.  And then eaten a few more Christmas chocolates!  The day was also spent anticipating Mr Fifi's safe return from work.  He was not as fortunate as us and had set off very early on this grey, wet Friday morning to spend another day out and about checking landslips and visiting flooded homes, as he has done over the past fortnight.  We are very proud of him.  I sent him off to work with some lollies.  And we saved him a teensy-weensy bit of Christmas chocolate!
We are thinking of all of those people who aren't yet back in their homes.  The rain is supposed to ease off from tomorrow.  Let's hope so.

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