Monday, 16 January 2012

Critters and crafting.

Summer has finally arrived at the Top of the South!  In New Zealand Summer isn't just something you feel - you can hear it in the incessant chirping of the cicadas.  I love to hear them trilling in the background of our daily comings and goings, out and about and around our garden, up and down, long and winding visits to the chooks upon their hill.  The youngster and I have a game where we try to pinpoint one calling-critter and track down the little beetle wherever he (or she?) might be.  And we struck gold today...Here's what we found clinging to the side of the deck railing...
Back in Rotorua the cicadas were always green so we are a little puzzled as to this one's colouring...But maybe the South Island critters are golden like this one?

And then, in-between the lovely property manager showing people around our soon-to-be old home, I did some crafting...I cannot believe that I have sold at least one item, sometimes two and sometimes even three, each and every day over the past week.  After so much sadness and coming to terms with leaving here there is hope on the horizon.  In fact it has jumped crash-bang right onto me...So much so, that I spring out of bed each morning (early morning I hasten to add!) with an absolute sense of joy at what might become of the day ahead.  I am incredibly grateful.  Long may it last. 

And tomorrow we move! 

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