Friday, 27 January 2012

We have moved.

We have moved.  It was far more difficult than I'd remembered.  Especially as we had only been in our little country haven for not quite a year.  I had also forgotten that feeling of disorientation and slight 'out-of-kilter-ness' (is there such a word?  I think not!) which I have now overcome...Almost! 

Our youngster recounted a story of our move South last year...After a long day of unpacking we had settled down for a bed-time story in our new place...Mr Fifi having found us both in a deep sleep, book unread, had helpfully turned off the bedside lamp...When The Youngster and I had awoken simultaneously we had lain, confusedly trying to remember the location of the bedroom door...We couln't get our bearings.  And with no street-lamps to gently light the room we lay wondering in the dense, inky, darkness.

We had the most amazing surprise after our move...The family who own our 'old' place have instructed the Property Managers to refund us one week's rent to thank us for being 'wonderful tenants'...Words really cannot express how we feel about this...Most unexpected...In fact it was quite a shock!  A thoughtful, kind and generous gesture.  And one that is very much appreciated.  Thank You!  We have often thought about the family and hoped that they are enjoying their adventures as much as we have delighted (mostly!) in ours. 


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  1. Looks beautiful. Can't wait to here more about your new home :)